Finding easy-to-work-with customers isn’t as difficult as you might think. You just need to know what to look for. Use the following guidelines to help you pinpoint your dream customer and avoid any troublesome or trying clientele.

1. Understand your strengths

Choose projects that demonstrate your expertise. Jumping into a job without 100 percent confidence can lead to mistakes, delays and additional costs. A quality, on- time and within-budget job will please your customer — and establish repeat business.

2. Communicate with the property owner

Confirm all job details with the owner — especially if you’re working on rental properties. Planning a job without the consent of the owner can result in expensive repairs and replacements.

3. Avoid unclear projects

Jobs with murky goals or multiple stakeholders can become complicated. Before you take a job, ask about objectives. If your potential clients can’t agree on a project’s outcome, or if decision-making is a chore, consider a different job.

4. Look for clear communication

Good customers are easy to contact and quick to follow up on missed calls or texts. Person-to-person communication is important in successfully completing a job. Speak with your clients about their goals and expectations before you take the job. Great clients will clearly explain the reason for their project and what they hope to accomplish.

5. Know when to say no

It’s hard to turn down a job. But if your gut is telling you no, it’s a good idea to listen. Make a list of deal breakers before you speak to a client. If your prospective customer checks multiple boxes on your list, don’t take the job.

An organized, friendly customer helps you produce fantastic results. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you work with clients that are as high quality as your work.

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