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As the world struggles through the COVID-19 pandemic, HomeAdvisor understands that your small business may be facing challenges as well. HomeAdvisor is committed to providing support for small businesses and offering financial relief to service professionals during this crisis.

Here are a few special offers we’re extending to qualified businesses who need help navigating through this difficult time:

  • FREE Annual HomeAdvisor membership for pre-selected businesses looking to join the HomeAdvisor network.
  • One FREE month of HomeAdvisor Membership for designated members in our network.
  • Relief to help small businesses maintain a steady stream of customers in areas that were hit the hardest by the pandemic.

What a few of our pros are saying:

“Before the recession of 2008 approximately 5 to 10% of my business was generated by HomeAdvisor. During the recession of 2008 HomeAdvisor’s assistance to H.F.M. Builders, Inc. jumped to 70%. I knew I had to do something to jumpstart opportunities to keep H.F.M. Builders, Inc. running & keep wonderful men working. HomeAdvisor is a reliable source to open doors, creating new job opportunities. Hence, going forward, when the economy rebounded HomeAdvisor became 5 to 10% of my business. Fast forward to March, 2020, COVID-19, I have increased my lead volume again. HomeAdvisor saw H.F.M. Builders, Inc. through the 2008 recession and they will now provide opportunities through the current situation. Thank you HomeAdvisor for being there for me!!”
Howard M.
H.F.M. Builders, Inc., New York.

“We applied for a $10,000 grant through the SBA and we also applied for the Cares Payment Protection Program. At this time of year, I usually cut my advertising back but because of COVID-19 that’s not happening. I’m relying solely on my HomeAdvisor leads and those are keeping me plenty busy. We are following CDC guidelines. All our employees have been following the social distancing recommendations and homeowners are doing the same.”
Tom S.
Five Star Painting of Bellevue, Washington.

“Using HomeAdvisor’s leads I have been growing my business steadily since August. This pandemic has affected my ability to provide services to my customers. I just applied for the small business loan via the link you provided. Thank you!”
Mark A.
Nice Wood Windows Remodeling LLC, Texas.

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