More Than a Remodel: Treeium Provides Lifesaving Help to a Family in Need.

More Than a Remodel: Treeium Provides Lifesaving Help to a Family in Need.

When California-based remodeling company Treeium received a lead from a family seeking mold remediation, they were happy to accept the opportunity. But when they arrived and met the Belgrad family, they knew they’d been given the chance to do much more.

Dave and Maria Belgrad’s bubbly and curious 3-year-old son, Adam, had just been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in the winter of 2017. After being thrust into a world of doctor’s appointments, chemo treatments and ever-increasing medical bills, the family was about to put Adam through a second round of chemotherapy treatment — one that would compromise Adam’s immune system and make even the slightest fungal infection life-threatening.

“My whole family and I were stunned. My boy is 3 years old, and he’s just this happy, effervescent, charming kid. No matter where he goes, he lights up a room,” said Dave Belgrad. “To find out that he had ALL was devastating.”

The Belgrads were seeking mold remediation to protect Adam’s life. And seeing their struggle, Treeium’s CEO Moty Ginsburg knew that he wanted to help. “Adam had such an amazing spirit and had such an amazing energy,” said Ginsburg. “We had to find a way to help the family through this hard time.”

Treeium rose to the occasion, providing mold remediation — a service that costs on average $2,228 — and also removing the old insulation, installing new insulation and cleaning the entire attic, all for free.

In addition to the generous donation of their time and services, Treeium started an online GoFundMe fundraising campaign for the Belgrads, which raised over $5,000 to help with Adam’s medical expenses.

“I am eternally grateful for Treeium and all of their help!” said Dave Belgrad. “My wife and I were just so blown away by it. It’s just such a surprise and we’re so thankful and grateful to Treeium and everything they’ve done for us.”

The GoFundMe website page, titled “Champion Adam” is still open for donations. But the good news is that the family won’t be receiving new medical bills for very much longer.

To the relief of both his family and Treeium, Adam’s cancer went into remission in April of 2018.

“Not all of us have our perfect dream home, and some people have dire needs in their houses that they cannot afford to repair,” said Ginsburg. “We are part of a community we cherish and care for, so why not do something to give back to the community that we love?”

Check out Treeium Gives Back to see the other ways in which Treeium helps their customers.

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