Lead Credit Guidelines

We may, in our sole discretion, issue you a credit ("Credit"), provided, however, that any and all Credits must be requested by you within 30 days of the date that the charge was incurred. Credits that are issued to a Service Professional's account will be issued as store credits, which will be applied toward future charges to your account. Credits will expire, if not used, six months after the date the Credit was issued. Angi Leads Pro also reserves the right to provide Credits for circumstances not listed below.

The following situations may be eligible for lead credits:

  • The same consumer submits the same request twice, resulting in a duplicate lead
  • A lead is submitted with the wrong zip code and the correct zip code does not match a zip code you are profiled for
  • A lead that is submitted under the wrong job type and the correct job type is not in your profile
  • A competitor testing the system
  • All contact information provided by the consumer is wrong or disconnected

Partial lead credits are considered for:

  • A lead submitted under the wrong job type and the correct job type is in your profile.

The following situations are accounted for in our lead pricing and therefore not eligible for lead credits:

  • Consumer is not calling you back
  • Consumer already found someone to complete the work
  • Consumer changed their mind
  • Consumer is just "shopping"
  • You did not win the job
  • You contact us more than 30 days past the date on which the lead was received