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Get the Homeowner to Call you back

J.D. Williams, a Marketing Account Specialist with ServiceMagic, shows what can be done with effective voicemail messaging. J.D. has worked with a contractor that mentions his ServiceMagic ratings and his certification on voicemails he leaves with consumers. He then instructs the homeowner to go to his ServiceMagic URL to check him out. When they do that, he has a special offer that requires the consumer to call him back to receive the offer. By doing this, he creates a call to action on the consumer's part. If a consumer calls regarding the special offer, the contractor returns the call to review the offer. If in returning the call, he gets the consumer's voicemail, he leaves a message letting the potential customers know that if they would let him present his product, he will bring the coffee and the donuts. This simple gesture builds rapport with people and makes it hard for them to say "no" to him.

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