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There is a technique that very successful salespeople use called "anchoring." Unless you anchor relationships, they drift apart and you are forgotten. Your business success depends ...More about
Social Media and the Contractor
As an expert, you have a lot of useful knowledge to share and social media is a great way to do it. Social media lets you connect with future customers where they are on a regular basis: online.
Giving Customers The VIP treatment = More Business
A friend of mine just took his BMW 3 series sedan in for servicing. He bought the car for around $40,000. For half that price, he could have...Read more about

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Forever Your Customers
Here's the secret we don't ever let out. Once we give you a homeowner's information, that homeowner is now your customer. You don't have to pay for her again. You can send her ...Read more about
Keys to Success: Why Your Profile Matters
At HomeAdvisor, we pride ourselves on the fact that there is no preferential treatment for Pros who are matched to a lead. Whether you spend $350/month with us or $10,000/month ...Read more about
How to Compete with Fly by Night Contractors
I'm often asked by fellow professionals how to stay competitive with so-called "fly by night" businesses...Read more about
The HyperSpace Referee: Getting Back To Basics
Business is business. There are good times, and slow times...Read more about
The View From My Desk: Crafty Dogs + Business Basics
My two dogs have the attention spans of, well, nothing. One second you are...Read more about
NextGen Marketing Ideas:Low-Cost Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website
One of the great things about the new media options business owners have is that they often cost nothing more than time and effort. Here are three ways you can drive traffic to your website, which...
Dave the Hyperspace Referee: Direct Mail vs. E-mail campaigns
The question: As customers continue to increase their reliance on the internet to find service professionals, is there any value in running direct mail campaigns?...Read more about
Get the Homeowner to Call you back
J.D. Williams, a Marketing Account Specialist with ServiceMagic, shows what can be done with effective voice-mail messaging...Read more about
Getting Ready for the New Year
If you don't live on either the East or West Coast, you may have already experienced a work slow-down in the area where you live. Due to all the negative press ...Read more about
Hidden Pockets of Revenue
Especially in our industry, free minutes are just as hard to find during the work day as they are in a cell phone plan. But that doesn't mean they aren't there...Read more about
Sales Lead Tracking Sheet
Track the progress of sales leads to record progress and optimize lead sources with a
Preventing Peaks and Valleys in Your Sales
To stay in business, you must generate a steady stream of leads and jobs. Understanding job cycles makes it easier. A job cycle is the elapsed time between the day you begin an?Read More on
Five Ways You Can Leapfrog Ahead of Your Competition!
Now is the best time in your life to jump ahead of your competition and reach your goals. You'll never be at this crossroads again; they'll be others but not this one. The economy is�Learn More About
How to Hit a Bull's-Eye With Your Marketing
Marketing is the life-blood of your business, unfortunately, just about everyone markets improperly, so here are a few steps to help you improve your marketing results. Step one�Find Out How to
How to Get an Immediate Cash Flow Surge
Need an immediate cash flow surge? How about tapping into your previous client base. Have you ever considered all the buried potential for immediate profits you could raise�Learn How to
Keeping Your Pipeline FULL
Keeping your pipeline full means that you must have enough opportunities in the funnel in order to close them and convert them into sales that keep your backlog levels in harmony...Learn About
For Effective Promotions, Plan Your Marketing
What does your marketing plan look like for this year? If your answer to that question is a vague "I don't know," you've got trouble ahead. What you need is a strategy that considers...Learn How to
Market To Your Universe and Tap into a Goldmine
A recent study by Better Homes and Garden Magazine revealed that "Saw similar job by the company" as one of the top reasons to decide to go with a specific contractor...Read More on
How to Improve Your Promotional Materials
Most contractors have no idea of what makes up great promotional material. I see it all the time. Put your name in big, bold letters, maybe some fancy colors of...Read more on
Leave a Message Anyway
No matter how your potential clients come to you--referrals, ads, SM leads, phonebook--they have value. For example, a fence builder might build one $1000 fence for...Read more about
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