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Keys to Success: Why Your Profile Matters

At HomeAdvisor, we pride ourselves on the fact that there is no preferential treatment for Pros who are matched to a lead. Whether you spend $350/month with us or $10,000/month, you get the same billing in front of homeowners. That is, except for your profile.

Your Profile: The Silent Killer
Just to be clear, every member has an equal chance to improve his profile; it's just that many pros don't realize its importance. Imagine this: you and another pro are matched to a homeowner, and we send her emails from both of you. The homeowner looks at both profiles before either of you call. Your profile has a few sentences about what you do— and not much else. The other pro has photos from his past projects, current promotions for his work, his company logo, a photo of his office, and quotes from his 5-Star customers.

Who do you think the homeowner is going to choose?

Brass Tacks
Improving your profile is not just busy work, even if it might seem like it. Your competitors are improving theirs; and if yours looks second-rate and theirs looks top-notch, they are going to win the job every time. So take some time to make yours perfect and be sure to improve on it every few months. Just like being the first to call, this will make a difference. A huge difference.

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