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How to Improve Your Promotional Materials

How many people really read your promotional material in a day? How many sales does your promotional material bring in?

No matter how 'great' you may think your material is, if it isn't doing its job, it is time to rethink it.

Most contractors have no idea of what makes up great promotional material. I see it all the time. Put your name in big, bold letters, maybe some fancy colors of something that resembles a logo, right smack in center stage. It might look great but is it working in your best interests?

While you're sitting around the next time waiting for a phone call or anything else, why not rethink your promotional material and develop some ideas that will improve its performance.

Here are some ideas that you can do in no time and will improve your promotional materials by making it of great interest to those that matter - your customers:

A Knockout Right to the Point Headline
Take your company name off the top of your page and replace it with an overwhelming, benefit-ridden headline that screams out loud that you know their problem and you can fix it.

Let's face it. No one cares about your company name. Your prospective clients only care about finding someone that can fulfill their immediate needs. You'll never attract clients by broadcasting your name first. You've got to whack them on the side of the head with a benefit driven headline that addresses their concerns. So do this. Find out what out what your client's immediate needs are what they're looking for from you and build a dynamic headline with it. Put your name at the bottom of your page.

Write Copy that is Full of Benefits and Results
Don't waste your client's time by bragging to them about how great a contractor you are. They don't care. Tell them how you've improved someone else's exact problem. Give them some results about how well you completed the work. Don't emphasize how great your team is, but rather focus on how your team reduces costs and brings the job in on time and budget. Thereby reducing the headaches and inconveniences for them.

There is a big difference between saying, 'We use only #1 grade lumber' verses, 'We hand pick each piece of lumber, looking for the strongest, straightest, knot free studs in the lumber yard!' Which statement has greater impact if you were the buyer? A simple ordinary run-of-the-mill statement or an action driven statement that spells out how you take extra steps for their benefit?

Use Third Party Testimonials
Why tell them how great you are when you can let your past customers tell them for you? It makes better sense and they'll believe them over you any day. Get testimonials and pictures form happy, satisfied customers. Make sure you've got permission to use them. Believe me, someone saying 'They did a great job and brought the job in on time and budget!' Now add a picture showing a happy, smiling family in front of their newly completed project is a 1000% more powerful than anything else.

Learn to Use Bullets
People are constantly in a rush today. Don't take up their time by writing endless text. Shorten it. Take out all the unnecessary language. Get it right to the point and use bullets to make a point about your results, products, services, etc.

Cast Your Net in the Fertile Fishing Grounds
After you've discovered what will activate your client's interest, find out where they're like to congregate. Cast your promotional pieces in the fishing holes that have the fish you want. If you don't know which media your client's like to read, watch or listen to, ask them. They'll be happy to tell you.

Remember, most promotional pieces are identical. After all, advertising pays and poor promotional pieces pay the printer, copywriter, graphic designer, newspaper, magazine, radio or television, and postmaster very well if they don't work for you.

Henry Goudreau, C.S.L.
HG & Associates, Inc

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