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Market To Your Universe and Tap into a Goldmine

Who is the ideal person to buy your services? Simply put -- someone just like your last customer!

For some this may seem like an odd idea, but the truth is that we all have a humongous universe and most never really tap into it. It's not as difficult as it may seem, so here are a few suggestions to help you accomplish it.

Looking for that someone like your last great customer. Simple, ask that last great customer if they know anyone who could use your services. You may even offer them an incentive if their referral enters into a contract to buy your services.

Pre-Job Mailers
Before you start your next work in any specific area, send the surrounding residences or businesses a short letter informing them that you're going to be working in their area. Explain the type of work you'll be doing and ask if they would any interest in having you look at any work that they might be thinking of doing. Let them know now is the best time to invite you in to quote them for the work.

Door Hangers and Personal Greetings
Study after study has revealed that numerous contacts with prospective clients are needed before they decide to commit to you. If that is the case, we continue that process by utilizing door hangers or personal calls informing them that we'll be starting work in their area and the services we have available for them if they have the need.

Job Site Signs
Let's not forget the job site sign. If local ordinances permit it, we should have a benefit-ridden sign strategically placed where everyone passing by can see it. Notice I said a 'benefit-ridden.' That means a headline that screams out an immediate benefit for the prospective customer, not your name. Something like: 'Another Exceptional Kitchen Remodeling by' or 'Another Custom Home Being Built On-Time and On-Budget by.' Your job site sign is a vehicle to promote your business, not your name. Use it to develop interest in how they see how you will help them. Tap into their emotional drive.

Post Job Mailer
If numerous contacts are necessary in order to stimulate an interest in your services, why not mail out a post job mailer. This is a letter, sent to the same individuals that the pre-job mailer was, encouraging them look at the work and speak with the client about you and your work. Include a time sensitive special offer to encourage them to act now.

You might increase the effectiveness of the above by with a soft follow up phone call. Make it as casual as you can, no pressure, just friendly conversation referencing the job, the type of work and the fact that you're in the area. You should inform them that you'll be on the job at a specific time and ask if it would be convenient then to stop by and see the work or meet with them to look at their potential work. Just give them a couple of times to choose from, ask them which is convenient for them, if they have any interest in your services. You'll get far more appointments just by asking for them.

A recent study by Better Homes and Garden Magazine revealed that "Saw similar job by the company" as one of the top reasons to decide to go with a specific contractor for their work. It makes sense that you make sure everyone in the immediate area are fully aware of the work your doing, how you can help them and who you are, you stand a better chance of picking up more work.

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