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How to Improve Your Employees

To get the most out of your employees, you should make employee training an absolute must for your business. To get them off on the right foot, consider these important points:

Definition of Skills
Develop a list of the tasks you expect them to perform per job classification. Next, list the skills that they will be required to have to perform the tasks. Then train them to the skills.

Training by People Who Know the Job
Use your best employees who already perform the job exceptionally well, who have the ability to communicate well with the other employees, develop the training program with them and have them perform the training.

Your Company's Purpose
Make certain that part of the training entails the understanding of your company's purpose and what you expect the client's experience to be after they've worked with you and your employee's. This makes them understand the importance of their job when they have a better understanding of the desired end result.

Focus on the Individual
Everyone learns differently. Uncover the employees' best learning way and use it to train them to the job.

Clear, Positive Feedback
Make it a point to let them know when they've done the job in the manner you want. Because of the positive action praising them for a good job achieves, you'll be keeping them on the right track to consistent performance.

These few simple steps can make all the difference in the world to making your employees high-performers!

Henry Goudreau
HG & Associates, Inc.

Henry Goudreau is President of HG & Associates, Inc. of Sarasota, FL. He works with contractors all over the country in building a business that works for them. To find out more about Henry log onto his web site at

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