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The Golden Rule: When You Do the Work, You Get Paid

How much more money could you be making if you weren't chasing project after project only to find that the homeowner doesn't have a realistic picture of what their project should cost and doesn't have the money to pay for it? How much money could you be making if a miscommunication between you and your homeowner didn't result in expensive rework and costly punch lists? And what about dramatically reducing the risk of bad debt and non-payments once you've completed the project?

These are very common occurrences in home improvement and remodeling projects. Regardless of who is at fault, inevitably, you feel it, and it winds up costing you valuable time and money driving your job profitability down and your frustrations up.

More and more contractors are looking for solutions that can help them manage payments and communications with homeowners, so valuable time is not wasted on clients who are less than ideal to handle. This means less stress and more money. And that can mean a lot. So we took it a step further and partnered with Buildproof.

Secure Payments and Communications Management
Buildproof is best known for its system of securing payments from homeowners, and improving communications between you and the homeowner resulting in fewer headaches and less misunderstanding between parties. We all know of many homeowners out there who are difficult to deal with, indecisive, manipulative, want changes to happen but the cost to stay the same. Buildproof helps eliminate these challenges. Buildproof holds both the homeowner and you accountable through a very easy to use payment and communication tool that keeps the dialogue freely moving between you and your homeowner, tracks and stores all communications, approvals, change orders, and so forth. Why? If ever a dispute arises between you and your homeowner, you'll both have a record of what you've agreed to, when and how. This can be a real lifesaver when it comes to dealing with a particularly challenging homeowner.

At the End of the Day
You want to do your craft, get paid, and go home. But often many obstacles and tons of He Said, She Said can almost make you want to quit. Many contractors and remodelers didn't get into the business to have to deal with this kind of headache. They got in because they wanted to build and they wanted to profit. Through Buildproof, ServiceMagic wants to help take some of these challenges off your plate, while making your projects simply run more smoothly. And that just makes sense.

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