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Over 30 million homeowners have trusted HomeAdvisor to help them find quality pros with the expertise to turn their home improvement dreams into reality. It's just one of the reasons you can depend on us to bring you highly targeted prospects that will grow your business. Getting started is easy. Sign up today and let us help you grow your business, one homeowner at a time.

You're In Control

Only Get the
Leads You Want

You pick your service types and location preferences and we bring you prospects that match what you want.

You Set
Your Budget

Actively manage your budget by modifying your spend targets. Our flexible online account settings put you in control, 24/7.

Win Jobs,
Grow Your Business

From lead management tools to informative content, HomeAdvisor gives you what you need to win lifelong customers and grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does HomeAdvisor work? A. First we find homeowners looking for help completing home projects and collect information about their project. Our patented ProFinder technology then identifies relevant professionals, taking into account our pros' availability, service type and location preferences. When we have a match, we send the homeowner's information to the matched pro instantly so that he/she can win the job.

Q. How much control do I have over the leads I receive? A. Our online account settings give you full control, 24/7. You can define your service and zip code preferences to ensure you only receive the types of requests you want. Additionally, you can modify spend targets any time, keeping full control of your budget. You can also specify "busy" profiles that further narrow your preferences when you're busy but still want to keep an active project pipeline. Sign up today to learn more!

Q. Do you offer any tools to manage my leads? A. Yes. We offer a robust, user-friendly system that lets you categorize and organize your leads, keep track of communications, and connect with prospects via phone or email with the touch of a button. Our mobile app also lets you take these tools on the road to help you stay on top of your pipeline. And best of all, these tools are all free for our customers.

Q. How much do leads cost? A. The price of our service requests varies by the type of request and the location of the request. To learn more based on your specific situation, start your sign up today by clicking the link below.

Q. How do I join? A. To begin your sign up, just click on the sign up button below.

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