Reviews are a great way to showcase the quality work you do. But it can sometimes be a little intimidating to ask customers for feedback. Here’s where your HomeAdvisor personal review link comes in – this is a fast, easy and stress-free way to gather feedback and enhance your company’s online profile.

To make the most of your online reputation, here are three tips we recommend for using your personal review link:

1. Emails:

First, copy and paste your review link into your email signature – as well as into every follow-up email you send to customers. Follow-ups provide a golden opportunity not only to show that you value each customer’s business, but also to request a review of their experience. 

A follow-up message may read: “Thanks for your business! It was great working with you. We really appreciate what our customers have to say. If you could, please provide any feedback you may have on our HomeAdvisor Review Page.” 

2. Business Card:

 Cards serve as a nice complement to invoices – as well as any other marketing materials you hand out to customers. Including a simple statement like, “Let us know how we’re doing” with a link to your profile on business cards allows customers to leave feedback at their convenience.

3. Social Media:

 Have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account? Social media sites are not only great for promoting your company, but also for sharing your review link with past and present customers. 
Start with something simple, like, “The greatest compliment our customers can give us is their feedback! Visit our HomeAdvisor Review Page to leave your review.”

If your personal link exceeds Twitter’s character limit, tools like Hootsuite or can shorten the URL. Both are free and can help you track how many people click on each link. 

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