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5 Ways to Make Your Bid Stand Out

If you’re bidding on a job, it’s a safe bet that you’re not the only pro in the mix. So what’s the best way to cut through your competition and win the job? By giving your prospective customer more than just a price. Here are five extras to include in your bid that are sure…


Setting Up Your Business Entity: A Guide for New Contractors

Contracting can be a lucrative career opportunity, but failing to establish the proper business entities, systems, and structures could mean setting yourself up for failure. It’s important to establish a formal business entity that can grow with your business before taking on clients, so that you can focus your attention on providing excellent services instead…


6 Tips to Conquer the Skilled Labor Shortage

Are you having trouble finding the employees you need to meet customer demand and effectively grow your business? If so, you’re not alone. America is experiencing an unprecedented skilled labor shortage — and it’s preventing a number of home improvement and repair businesses from reaching their full potential. Construction is expected to add jobs at…


4 Questions to Qualify Your Leads

New leads mean new business — and new business is always a good thing, right? Of course. But only if you’re working with the right clients. Failing to vet your leads properly can result in messy customer relations, job site mistakes and — if nothing else — wasted time. Here are four over-the-phone questions to…


How to Outsmart the Labor Shortage

Find out how the pros at Reliant Roofing turned a creative staffing idea into a million-dollar business model you can use for your own company. When they first started their Jacksonville, Florida-based business in 2015, Sean Shapiro and Cameron Shouppe were dealing with high turnover, low quality, disloyalty, bad habits and bad attitudes — not…

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