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How to Get the Most Out of Social Media

As an expert, you have a lot of useful knowledge to share — and social media is a great way to do it. Social media lets you connect with homeowners where they’re spending time on a regular basis: online. And when you’re getting in front of homeowners regularly, they’ll think of you first when they…


A Do-It-Yourself Disaster

With a wealth of online DIY tutorials, a growing number of homeowners are choosing to tackle their own repair or maintenance jobs. But when these seemingly simple tasks turn out to be anything but easy, many homeowners wish they had called a pro. Here’s a story you can share with clients to highlight the importance…


4 Ways to Get Good Publicity From Bad Reviews

Has a past customer posted a negative online review about your business? Don’t sweat it. With the right response, you can use negative reviews to generate positive exposure and build better client relationships. Here are four tips to help you convert customer criticisms into one of your greatest assets: 1. Start a conversation. Consider reviews…


Pro Story: A Home-Saving Kitchen Renovation

John and Nicole Parise loved their home’s location and close-knit community of friends and neighbors. Unfortunately, they couldn’t say the same for their kitchen. The closed floor plan of the space limited the other areas of their home and made keeping an eye on two children a daily struggle. As much as the Parises loved…


4 Reasons to Add New Project Photos Today

(And 3 Tips to Do It Right) It’s long been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But these days, it’s safe to say that it’s worth even more. Today’s busy, tech-savvy consumers are unlikely to read through blocks of text on your profile. So, you’ve got little time to convince a homeowner…


6 Months to Success

Starting a new business in an unfamiliar industry is a challenging task. But it wasn’t challenging enough to stop Joe Goldman, president of Mr. Electric of the North Shore in Evanston, Ill. Here’s how Joe left his long-time job and began a booming electrical contracting business in less than six months. A Big Change, a…


4 Ways to Boost Profits Through Better Customer Service

Ken Dyrne, owner of County Wide Mechanical Services, has learned a lot since starting his business in 2006. And one of his biggest takeaways is the power of customer service. Here’s his advice for using customer relations to create a profitable and long-lasting business. 1. Invest in Your Employees Ken knows that his business’ success…


4 Tips for a Successful Side Business

After 21 years in the military, including three combat tours, Mark Williams retired and decided it was time for something new. He took a job as a facilities technician and mechanic at Ft. Hood, a military base near Austin, Texas, and began to pick up side jobs helping families around the area. Within several months,…


Meet the New Word of Mouth

No Online Reviews? You’re Definitely Losing Business. Increasingly, homeowners turn to review websites — instead of to friends and neighbors — to find contractors. This shift has made online profiles critical to building a trustworthy and profitable business. Here’s a quick primer on the world of online reviews, and a few tips to make them…

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